"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, June 19, 2015


Finally, after this long winter, we are back at the lake.  David retired May 1, and we spent the first month of his retirement sorting through our belongings and downsizing so that we could bring to the lake just what we need for a good life, on the lake, year round.    

Not every day will look like today, as Dave and I were able to watch a pair of loons doing what they do, which is to take my breath away with their beauty and grace.  

Not every evening will look like last evening.  But each evening we will be grateful for this opportunity to live so close to nature.  

This year I am volunteering as a "loon watcher" for the Loon Preservation Committee of New Hampshire.  I keep "in touch" with the loon population on the lake, and each week report into the field biologist assigned to our region.  It is an amazing opportunity, this "job" of expanding something I do any way, watch and listen to the loons.  Only now, it has a clear purpose and I am learning a lot.  I'm helping these diving birds, who at one point were seriously endangered.  Their numbers are rising, but very slowly, and only through the efforts of many Preservation groups.  

One of my favorite ways to keep in touch with the loons, is by talking to people.  I pull my boat right up to a dock where I see people fishing and introduce myself and I ask a simple question "Have you seen any loons today?"  And people love to talk about the loons, and what they have seen, and all they know.  And, they ask me questions, and we have great discussions about all things loon.  

One day I couldn't find my usual lake hat, which makes me look like Katherine Hepburn in "The African Queen," (yup) so I grabbed a Pork Pie hat off the pile.  And off I went to observe the loons, and to talk to people.  After a great conversation with a friendly, down-to-earth couple who were fishing off their dock, I bid them a good day, and when I left, the man said, "I know who you are now, The Lady in the Pork Pie Hat who is going to protect our loons." 

Yes, that is who I am.  


  1. Have not caught up with you, Angela. Will try now. So, the lady in the pork pie hat has a job to do for the loons, wonderful! My version...the lady in the pork pie hat is loony. Sorry, had to do that.
    Seriously, it is very important work, and how wonderful that you are able to do it from your now year-round home. Best wishes in retirement, I see a whole new world on your horizon. :)

    1. You are absolutely right, Barbara, the Lady in the Pork Pie hat is definitely loony..... And that is my excuse for doing the things I do. :)

    2. You are absolutely right, Barbara, the Lady in the Pork Pie hat is definitely loony..... And that is my excuse for doing the things I do. :)


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