"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, June 28, 2015


The weather in the month of June has been perfect for me, and so I've not gotten locked in the air conditioning at all, and haven't spent a lot of time in my sewing corner.  I know there will be plenty of winter days for that, so enjoying "my kind" of weather is a priority.   

In spite of that, I did recently learn how to make a string block and have been using some batik left over from making Paul's quilt.  

I am making these blocks using 10" foundation paper.  They are great fun, but the tearing of the paper after the sewing is through is not fun at all.  My sister, who introduced me to string blocks, sews only the first string to the paper, and after that pins one string to the next and sews, with the paper folded out of the way.  When she has all her strings sewn together and ironed, she uses the 10" paper as the cutting guide.  I'm going to make my next block that same way.  

I also made a clothespin bag, re-purposing a grubby old apron.  Dave installed a clothesline here at the lake, and for the first time in many years, I am hanging out the laundry to dry.  The laundry line is easily accessible from the room where our laundry closet is located, and it is a delight to once again be hanging clothes on a line.  The ritual of hanging out the laundry onto a line is one that I love.  I don't know if it's the ecology of it, or the orderliness, or perhaps the memories it evokes, that make it an activity I so enjoy... but I do.  And, I am happy with my clothespin bag, as it hangs on my shoulder at just the right height for me to reach in and grab a pin.  Such a simple pleasure!!


  1. Angela, that's a lovely string block. The colors are great together. I also enjoy making the, and I don't use paper at all. I cut a square of muslin (or any other spare cotton fabric) the size I want the block to be. Then I use that as a foundation sewing the strings down. In the end I have two layers and I like the sturdiness of that. Also, an option for strings is to cut them wonky, narrow on one end and wider on the other end. Fun! I also like to hang clothes out but haven't done it in years. Love your clothespin bag, clever to repurpose an apron! You are obviously enjoying your little slice of heaven on the lake. 😀


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