"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Being snow bound in New England hasn't been totally horrible, I've gotten a lot done in my sewing room.  

My nephew and his wife in Tennessee have 3 little girls, and I made a quilt for the first baby (called "Simple Gifts" in an earlier post).  They recently gave birth to their third girl and so I felt it was time to play catch up and make quilts for the second and third girls.    

Because I had bought so much of the fabric used for Simple Gifts (it was sold off in bags of 10" blocks at a store having a crazy sale) I still had enough on hand to make quilts #2 and #3.  

Yesterday I finished this quilt:  

For toddler Maggie.  I love the way it finished, but realize now why I
always make such complicated quilts---this one bored me to tears!

And today I started this quilt, returning to my love of complicated blocks and frustrating moments.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when a busy block comes together.  

I got the pattern for this block, called Merry Go Round, at http://www.quiltinaday.com/freepattern/


  1. Just beautiful as always my friend. Hope you are staying warm!

  2. I also get bored quickly just sewing and sewing on straight seam easy projects, but in the end every quilt is beautiful. The points and seam allowances in the second one are perfect!

  3. I like the quilt and the block both! Funny you commented on my blog...I was just checking yours out last night. I knew you got a lot of snow...I have talked to my husband about how in the world do people in your area deal with it all! I guess if I lived there I would learn.

    We have had bitter cold temps a lot of the time this year, and have had just an inch here and maybe two inches there, and I don't think the snow clung to the trees or piled up on fence posts till this one.


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