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Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, February 16, 2015


It has been far too long since I have spent time on my blog, and I miss it.  It is time to catch up and to start writing again.  Piece by piece I will do exactly that.  

First, the holidays.  Joyful, wonderful.  With Anna again living on the East Coast, not the West Coast, it was an especially sweet time.  The four of us spent a peaceful lovely few days together, doing what we traditionally do.  

Making cookies, baking rolls, building a gingerbread house.  Such simple acts that have bound us together year after year.  

Every year we buy Paul and Anna a "toy" to play with.
This year it was a 3D puzzle that made a useable vase!
We had a lovely Christmas tree, decorated simply and tastefully by Anna.  Tied to the wall,  it did not get knocked over by any of the 6 critters (4 dogs, 2 cats) in the house.  Poppy's black and white look beautiful amid the Christmas finery.  

Anna added a new member to our pack this year, Miss Lila,
and so of course a new stocking was added to our display.   
And, here they all are, all made by me, except for the two with
the Santa faces, which were originally made for Dave and me
by my Auntie.  She loved animals and so I'm sure she wouldn't mind
that we passed them onto the cats.  We now have more stockings
for critters than for people.  

The best holiday photo of all?  Our dear Paul and Anna, of course.  

For Christmas, Paul gave Anna some fabulous Red Solo Cup re-usable
stemware.  Our two New England kids in their Christmas flannel shirts
drinking wine from their Red Solo Cup stemware.  
Since the holidays, I have been spending a lot of time in my sewing room and with my knitting needles.  I look forward to sharing those starts and finishes.  

For now, it's Christmas memories that stand alone and come first.  It is a great blessing every time the four of us are able to gather together.  

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  1. Windered what you have been up to, and now I know! You have been nesting with your family. Nothing trumps that, not even blogging. So good to see you back, and showing your creations will be a bonus for us. I must say though, that last picture of Paul and Anna in flannels with wine filled Solo stemware can't be topped!


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