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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


My sewing room is at times my most favorite place on earth and at other times a place I can't bear to step into.  I lean towards rather complicated designs, and that is why there are times when I just can't bear to walk in and remind myself of my insanity.  

But, walk in I do, no matter what.  And, the results can be pretty amazing.  I am not afraid to tackle a quilt that may take a year, or even two.  I have to step away from those designs every once in a while, and that adds to the time element.  During those breaks I may make a table runner or a dog blanket, something simple to remind me that I can, in fact, finish a project.  

I have been afraid to look back through my blog and see exactly when it was I finished The Paw.  All I focus on is I started it and finished it, and it is amazing.  Who cares how long it took?  I would have been sewing something anyhow!

And, here it is.  

I had it custom quilted and am very pleased with that decision.  And, of course, it has my
usual machine-embroidered label.  
 As I was finishing up The Paw, I was beginning a batik quilt for Paul.  It is ready to go to the quilter now, and I can't wait to get it quilted, bound, and into Paul's hands.  
The Center of the quilt is the pattern, using Tonga Treats Blueberry Pie Batiks (now discontinued).
The pattern made a quilt of a size that made no sense at all, and so once I finished the center,
I got to designing borders to enlarge the quilt to a queen size.  Well, that was a whole lotta work
and math and in the end very rewarding.  Here you can see the first and second borders--thin
strip of the dark blue, with a border of 4 patches.  Ignore the large piece of blue fabric to the
right.  That was me dreaming that I could actually do an easy border, silly me.  

Here's my audition of a different fabric for a final wide border.  Nope, not that either.
I had to do something smashing and dramatic to finish it off, and I did.
But, I can't show you now, since Paul has not seen the final whole picture and
his next view will be of it quilted and bound.
Here's a teaser, the quilt top from the back side, waiting for a lift to the long-armer.

Now I have actually started something simple, what a novel idea!  My nephew and his wife just had their third baby girl, and I made a quilt for baby #1.  I decided that's not nice at all, to skip the second and third girls, so am working on a quilt for baby #2 and then will make one for baby #3.  Since I hope my baby quilts get used well and dragged around often, I make them a lot simpler than my big quilts.  I have enough of the fabric from baby #1's quilt to make the quilts for baby #2 and 3.  
I love these fabrics together.  They holler "sweet and simple" to me.  
Such a simple design can bring a lot of impact with the right fabrics.  
And that's it, folks, that's what's going on in the sewing room.  I am kind of bored with the process of this simple baby quilt.  In all things, I tend to challenge myself, reaching perhaps further than I should, and that personal quality shows up in my big quilts.  

In the spring I will be getting a copy of Natalia Bonner's new pattern book of modern log cabin designs.  From that I will choose a quilt to make for Anna.  And, there's always more to plan beyond that one.  So many quilts, so little time.  


  1. Amazing as always! I do admire your beautiful quilts! The colors you choose are gorgeous!

  2. Your Bear's Paw really did turn out nice! My mom always wanted something challenging when she was quilting.


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