"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Wow, how did I allow so much time to pass between posts to my Blog?!  Summer on a lake will do it every time, lucky me!  Today I long for just one more trip around the lake in my mahogany boat, in search of the eagle, loons, and herons.  However, this now must wait for the next lake season.  

Back home for the Fall and winter, so it's time to catch up on so many things.  I did continue to stitch and knit and create over the summer months, but not at the rate I do over the winter, obviously.  In my next post, I will toss you some pictures of what I'm working on in my sewing room and on my needles.  For now, here's a bit of the summer:  

Time with not only our pack of Cassy, Bella, Misty and cats Poppy and Reesie….
But also with this lovely foster dog, Loki, as we started volunteering for Pet
Tails Rescue of Northwood, New Hampshire.  We have formed some
great friendships with the people of Pet Tails and are truly honored to
now be a part of this organization's mission.

Paul!  My favorite rock-climbing son.  When he visits
I send him up into the rafters on a spider-killing mission.  

Cousin Nicole, from Dave's Pennsylvania family,
was able to visit during the same time that Anna made
one of two visits from California.  

Me and My Guys.  
As always, one of my favorite activities on the lake is
nature watching the loons.  

A pair of loons nested the island on the lake, and
they did hatch two babies, shown in the next photo.
Unfortunately, those two babies did not survive, and
the photo I snapped below is likely the last one taken of them.
The eagles and nature take their course, as they should, although this
loss saddened me greatly.  (Note:  This photo was taken with a
strong telephoto lens.  Don't get any closer than 150 feet when
viewing a loon, especially one on a nest or with chicks.)

Two chicks with Mom or Dad at East end of Northwood Lake, 6/29/2014

Because there were so many unpaired loons on the lake this year,
we saw something you don't see often, groups of loons gathering.
Fabulous sunsets

Torrential Rains

Swamped Boats

Anna and her cousin Kevin, who is from Pennsylvania.  Anna made the decision
to return to life in New England, and moved home from California in mid-September.
It just so happened that cousin Kevin was riding his bike across the country this summer
and landed in California at just the right time to do a X country drive with his cousin Anna.
He came all the way to Massachusetts, and then rode his bike home from here, so it
was truly a coast to coast ride.  So, we have our dear daughter back in our fold, and
she brought something extra with her, the little doll baby pictured below,
Princess Lila from Ventura California, and now of Beverly, Massachusetts.  
Anna adopted Lila in mid summer and flew her here to us in early August,
as Anna was running all over getting ready to move back to New England.
It has been a loooong time since we've had a puppy in the house, and so
that's been an adjustment for Dave and me and the pack.  She is a good
dog, though, and is making it easier every day.  She is very goofy and
seems to have a great sense of humor.  I believe she is a mix of schnauzer
and corgi or wired hair daschund.  She's a cutie.
So, yes, we now have 4 dogs and 2 cats in our home.
And, we have Anna.  Life is good.