"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, June 12, 2014


It's delightfully peaceful on the lake, and the weather a bit cool.... This is all perfect to me. I have been able to get out and around the lake using my mahogany row boat with it's electric motor. During a recent trip out I found a pair of loons fishing for their evening dinner and sat a distance away observing their beauty and grace for a good long time. 

When I'm not in or on the lake there's lots of sewing and knitting to be done. This week I completed a sock monkey and bag as a birthday gift for someone special. I'd forgotten how fussy a job it is to make a sock monkey, it's been a while since I made one. I really went to town on this one with her pinafore and headband. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I have just started to read the book "Yarn Harlot" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  In her Introduction I found a phrase that so perfectly matches my philosophy of knitting and needle crafts, I must share it: 

Knitting is magic.  Knitting is an act of creation and simple transformation each and every time.  Each gift holds hours of my life…… It is all those hours when I chose to spend time warming another person.  It's giving them my time--time that I could have spent on anything, or anyone, else.  Knitting is love, looped and warm.  

My latest finish is a Hitchhiker Scarf, made with fabulous hand dyed Wollmeise 100% Merino Super Wash sock yarn, glorious to work with.  

This is looped and warm and knitted with love, for dear daughter Anna.  

I had to invade Poppy's afternoon nap spot.  She is lying on a quilt made by my mother in law and
hand quilted by the Amish in the area of Pennsylvania where she lived.

Obviously Poppy didn't mind that I was using her space for my photos.  It wasn't easy to get the scarf
away from her once she planted her adorable self on it.  


Summer at the lake means Keds on my feet, which are finally warm after the long winter.  Keds and no socks = summer and comfort to me.  

This morning's first boat ride of the summer looked this this:

And like this:
The Knee Project as it looks now.  Have to keep the scar covered with sunscreen stick, and although It takes a bit of getting used to the sight of it, it's a part of me now.  I really hate my new knee, although it's only be 7 months since it was installed and "they" urge patience for a year.  It hurts and is stiff and doesn't bend far enough for my taste.  Well, it is what it is and I'll get used to it.  I may have formed a Baker's Cyst behind my knee, and that may be a cause of some of this lingering pain.  Will figure that out at the end of June, when I get to see the surgeon again.  Until then, it's just carry on as is.  


Here at the lake house I've struggled to find a way to set up my sewing world, trying to make it all work in our spare bedroom.  It never worked.  Today I decided to use the empty floor space in the great room, an area behind one of our couches, which is angled out into the room.  

It works and what a view to sew by!  This year I indulged in a Pfaff Expression 2.0 and a Gidget II table.  I love them both and I do believe that at home I will rid myself of the gigantic sewing table that takes up too much room and drag the Gidget II home with me at the end of lake season.  I am waiting for the custom sewing machine insert to the table to be delivered.  My cutting table here is an old drafting table bought at a thrift shop for $10.  Perfect!  

I am all set for rainy day sewing, and also hot day sewing.  With MS, I am adversely affected by anything over 80 degrees, and so am often forced to spend time in the air conditioning during these humid summers in New England.  So, I am darn lucky to have central a/c and the perfect sewing corner.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Yesterday a Great Blue Heron chose our dock as his breakfast dining table. What a grand bird, so tall, such interesting poses and stature and postures. He is welcome here anytime. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


From our deck tonight.  The loons will call as the sun dips further below the horizon. I will go to bed absolutely sated by my first full beautiful day on the lake. The blessings are far too great to number.