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Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


A bit late, but Happy Mother's Day to my blogging pals.  And, I always extend a Happy Mother's Day to every woman, whether or not she has given birth, as I believe that every one of us is a "Mom" many times over to people young and old that come into our lives.  Whether or not we gave birth to that person is irrelevant.  

We had a lovely day here, the weather was perfect, and Paul came for the day for a cookout and then a visit to family.  A call from Anna on the West Coast made the day complete.  I am blessed.  

On top of all of those gifts, I got these:  

Paul brought me a beautiful scarlet Hydrangea, and I will plant it at the lake this weekend.  It will be a great contrast to the white and the blue Hydrangeas we already have popping up in our gardens there.  I will think of him each time I tend to it, for many years to come.  It's such a wonderful lasting gift.  
I've not seen this color Hydrangea in many gardens.

In yesterday's mail a very artful package arrived from Anna, what fun it is to receive gifts from afar!
How sweet is this?  Made from one of the millions of
lovely beach pebbles in Ventura, a great medium for
Anna's art.  

Anna has finally gotten the time to embrace her artistic talents, locked away for far too long. Here she has perfectly captured our 5 critters at a sunset on the lake.
From left to right she got Reesie, Misty, Bella, Cassy and Poppy.
Somehow she captured their profiles and personalities perfectly, from
Misty's cuteness to Cassy's stance, more alert than Bella's, and
most importantly, the constant curl at the end of Poppy's tail.  

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  1. Oh my, what perfect gifts from Anna! Blessed indeed, I know the feeling.


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