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Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, February 17, 2014


My dear brother-in-law Michael (husband of sister Christine), made a trip over to the lake on Sunday, for some cross-country skiing and to check on their camp and our house, 10 doors apart.  

The photos are stunning… and make me know that we will live there for part of winters, at some point.  Notice I said "part."

From the street side, it looks so desolate….. it is!

Stunning ain't it?  Great sledding hill down to the lake!  OK wait a minute, it was a
tobogganing accident that tore up my knee 40 years ago, initiating this year's
Knee Project.  I'll sit by the fire.
My lovely red row boat, upside down on the platform, and the frame to our glider.
I hope ice out is not too late this year.

From the road side--looks like we had the back up generator place just right, it's not under the snow bank.


  1. Looks like a little piece of heaven! We are buried in snow here. Looks like your lake house but our city seems not to remember how to clear it lol. Lots of snow days and lots of stitching!

  2. Yes! I see a snowy winter getaway in your future, Elaine. It's lovely!

  3. PS...I envy your pine trees. The sound of wind in pines is one of my favorite sounds ever.

  4. oh the lake !!! I can't wait to get back to the cabin. I am going to take off more time this summer to spend at the lake. Our summer was almost non existent last year.


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