"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


One of my dear curious blogging friends asked, "Well, what's the knee look like NOW?"  I was chronicling it in all it's ugly glory early on, before the complications started.  

So, here you go, here's what it looks like now, I don't know how many weeks post-surgery.  It's been through an awful lot and the oversized scar is my badge of something (bravery? stupidity?)  It is not a typical total knee replacement scar because I already had some pretty large scars on my knee from surgery 40 years ago, and they had to jog over to the side to incorporate one of those into this one, so as to not pull on the old scar tissue.  A plastic surgeon was in the OR to close up after the surgery was done.  I think he did the very best he could with what the orthopedic surgeon gave him, the work done was pretty extensive.  Also, I had told the surgeon that I really, honestly, didn't care what the outside looked like afterwards, just get the inside parts right.  My modeling days are long gone anyway.  
LOL in the picture it is beastly looking!!  I guess it is a pretty big one.  I have had large scars on my knee since I was 17, so I've gotten pretty used to that and this one will not bother me any more than those others did.  It's just another sign that I'm doing it all up quite well, using the parts that God gave me to their fullest extent.  


  1. OMG, how does a person catch up with you, Angela?! Miss Poppy and Misty are having no problem keeping up, apparently (what is a pellet stove?), love seeing all the "kids" who wear their awesome runners well(!), also love your CPM knitting projects (am thinking of trying weaving with two strands), why do they always want to do everything on top of our heads?, your green paw quilt is indeed a masterpiece and the quilting will be the awesome finishing touch, what you did with the tea towels is genius (I have one for NJ), and lastly you are both entitled to a few melt downs and some head bashing! Don't think I have ever done any of that with dignity (kudos to Dave)! Oh wait, didn't mention your batik in progress, love it!!

  2. I just now read the lines down below the comment form and so LOVE them...have had similar thoughts but sure not worded as nicely.

    As for the scar, I would be just like you...as long as things were right on the inside, I would not worry about it.


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