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Friday, February 7, 2014



  1. They don't ask for much but give 100 fold in return. So sweet.

  2. Cassy, Misty and Reesie kitten have barely left my side since I had the first surgery back in November. Their patience and loyalty is remarkable. Bella is always with Dave, ALWAYS, goes to "work" with him every day at his office in the house, and commutes home with him to the kitchen at 5. Poppy kitten is all over the place, like any good California girl should be… except if the pellet stove is running, then we know right where to find her.

  3. sweet girls. and, I'm so happy Dave got Bella. A gift to both of them. I will never forget the welcoming image when you came for her.

  4. That was an amazing moment when we retrieved Bella…. for those of my readers that don't know the story, Bella came into our rescue (Schnauzer Paws) in August 2012. She was surrendered because she had dry eye and her family could not give her the care required for this condition. She came to our house to foster, and she arrived with a 1/4 inch coating of green goop covering both eye balls. We thought for sure she must be blind. But, some blasts of saline solution into each eye, and we found that she was not blind. And, a good grooming brought out her beauty. She was with us for just 3 weeks or so, getting her eyes blasted 3 x a day and getting lots of love. This was at the time that we were preparing to ship Anna off to California, and our house was NUTS, so I transferred Bella to Denise's house to foster there. Bella was adopted but then returned after 3 days, as the adopter quickly and wisely decided that Bella's care was more than she could handle. So, back to Denise's she went. Once we got Anna off to California, David and I thought so much about Bella, how we loved her and how comfortable she was in our pack, in our home. And, we decided to go and get her back from Denise, and make ours her forever home. While she was at Denise's, for 5 weeks or so, she was doing well, and obviously liked Denise, but displayed subdued emotions. When David and I arrived, Bella went completely mental at our arrival. COMPLETELY. Denise was in shock, saying that Bella had not given anyone that much love during her time away from us. And, so Bella came home with us, as if she had never left. Then that November we had corrective surgery done on her eyes--specifically parotid duct transposition. The surgeon took a saliva duct from the top of each side of Bella's mouth, and routed them to each eye, to provide her eyes the moisture they so longed for. Now, when Bella smells something yummy or gets excited, her eyes drool. Since saliva is not the same as tears, we do place salve in her eyes two times a day to balance out that difference.

    Bella is a good, good, dog. She went through so much pain in her eyes for her first 3 years, but that's all behind her now. She is bonded to this family like glue, especially to Dave. Around here we often say "WWBD" meaning What Would Bella Do? because everything is good with Bella and she has a kind, sweet demeanor and ability to get along with everything and everyone.

    She is an extraordinary dog. We are so lucky she is here with us.


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