"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Haven't been here to update for so long.  The rehabilitation of my knee following Total Knee Replacement, along with a few minor complications, have taken up all of my brain power.  I have kept myself so focused on getting well that I've just had to push many things to the side, and my blog has been one of those things.  

But, life and handiwork have gone on in spite of that and here's a pictorial of what's been going on here: (I tried to put things in chronological order but gave up on that idea as the "insert picture" button seemed to have a mind of its own).  

Anna, home from California for a few days.
We had a joyful visit and she loved her Xmas runner.  

The family, each holding a critter.  Since we have more
critters than family members, Reesie was left out.
And, you can't hold her for more than  second anyway
so that worked out okay.  

So wonderful to have Paul here for a few days,
and he also loved his Christmas runner.  
Ryan, Anna's boyfriend, came from California for a few days.
It was great fun to have him join us, and he loved his Christmas runner.  
I absolutely love spending time with these dear ones.  All three are so bright and engaging and fun loving.
They all lifted my spirits greatly.  

So happy to all be under one roof.  We are so very proud of Paul and Anna.  

A long-standing tradition for our family, our gingerbread house.  

A hat for Paul!

A baby blanket for some lucky baby someday.  Knit with two strands of yarn
at once, it makes a bouncy and warm blankie.  

My leg in the CPM machine, where I spend hours and hours.
I can knit while in it, thank goodness!

The critters often join in on the CPM time.  Here
Reesie decided that cleaning her arse
on top of my head was a great idea.  I didn't really agree,
but am glad for company of any variety at this point.  

Dear Cassy felt a bit humiliated when her groomer decorated her noggin' with a bow.  

The green paw is at the quilter's!  And, this shows the quilting design.
The quilter told me this quilt is a masterpiece, such an amazing compliment  

Back in the sewing room finally!  Have started a batik quilt for Paul.  

Knitting a scarf and hat for Ryan.  I placed a bet with him on the
San Francisco vs. Green Bay game, and he won himself hand knit goodies in that bet.
And, I won another project to keep these hands busy while on the CPM.  

With Misty's help, I knit myself a scarf and a matching beret

You can buy these tea towels for every state and for National Parks. 
And they make lovely pillows covers!  These were made by son Paul.
I had the joy of teaching him to sew,
as he wanted to give sister Anna a memorable home made gift for Xmas.  

And that about sums up what's been going on here, in addition to physical therapy, exercise, rest, and often pain and frustration.  I think I'm on the road that will lead to completion of this knee project.  It's been a long one, the original surgery was November 20.  On January 11 I had a manipulation of the knee, where they knocked me out and the surgeon bent the knee in every possible direction to break up scar tissue that was preventing PT progress.  I was in the hospital for 3 days for that project.  

Dear Dave has somehow kept this household running like a well-oiled machine, working full time all the while.  There have been some rough times for the both of us, but somehow he has handled it all with his usual grace and dignity, with occasional spells of bashing his head against a wall.  I have handled it with not much grace and very little dignity, with occasional spells of bashing my head against his.