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Sunday, November 3, 2013


1/31/2014:  Since a few people have asked for the name of this pattern, I have added a picture of the legend on the instructions to the bottom of this post.  Louise reports that she was able to find the directions using the information in the picture.  Happy Sewing!

As I spend this time locked down in the house, avoiding the myriad of illnesses floating around the community, I am getting a few Christmas projects done.  Although I'm starting to feel a bit cooped up, I will do anything to make sure I am good for my knee replacement November 21.  Getting bounced back in September, due to a wicked viral cold, was the only nervous breakdown I care to engage in this year.  

So, I knit and X Stitch and sew.  I am making table runners for a few dear ones, and although I can't picture all of them, as I'd be giving away a Xmas surprise, I can show you one that I've made for a friend who doesn't come to blog land.  

You just can't lose when working with batiks, at least I can't, it's so easy to blend so many lovely fabrics without worrying about matching anything.  They do keep me very honest at the cutting table, as they lack the stretch that helps to forgive cutting sins.  It's been nice to work on these small projects, my last few have been humongous.  

For anyone interested in this pattern, here's a picture of the legend on the directions:


  1. You are right, batiks are beautiful!

  2. Hang in there away from the cooties...only about two more weeks. It will be worth it!

  3. Hi Angela: I just had a look at your Christmas Projects post, and really like your batik table runner. Can you share a link to the pattern? I'd like to do one in colors for my kitchen table.


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