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Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Labor Day weekend was lots of fun at the lake, we had special visits from Paul and from Anna, who came from California with her boyfriend Ryan.  On Sunday afternoon, a few of Anna's friends from Beverly came up to the lake for a visit, it was wonderful to be surrounded by all of this young energy.  

The weather wasn't perfect, but the weekend was. Anna and Ryan wanted a good thunderstorm, as it never rains in Southern California.  Their wish was granted Sunday night with hours of thunderstorms and rain moving across southern New Hampshire.    With the wall of windows facing the lake, and our elevation above the lake, AND the skylights, we often turn off all the lights in the house during a thunderstorm and enjoy the show.  And, that's exactly what was done on that Sunday night.  

There were lobsters and cookouts, swimming and boating, nature watching and lots of laughter. I got Anna and Ryan into my boat and out on the lake to watch one of the pairs of loons with it's chick.  Being from California, Ryan was unfamiliar with the iconic New England Great Northern Loon, and it was fun to introduce him to something so dear to my heart.  

It was a lovely time.  I just wish it could have lasted longer.

Somehow we missed the opportunity for a family photo, which is pretty dumb, as its not often we have the four of us in one place at one time.  But, we did get snippets here and there.  

Anna cruising the lake in my boat.  
By the time we thought of a family photo, Paul had gone home.
I bet there's a magic editing thing we can do to get him in.  
Anna  giving Ryan and Beverly friend Kiersten
a lift from Christine's dock back home to ours.
Paul (with the fabulous hair) was spotted enjoying a  cookout at my sister's camp
with my niece Caryl and her husband Jake.  The cookout was held in honor
of Chris's mother in law's 92d birthday, and it was a marvelous celebration.

Anna and Ryan, who got a real big dose of the East Coast
and our whacky family.  I don't think we scared him off, but
it might have been close.

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  1. I know the young energy feeling, Angela. It's a gift at this point in my life too. The whole weekend sounds wonderful, Anna is beautiful, and I love Paul's hair. Loons are mesmerizing (none here on the NJ bay) and your boat is perfect!


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