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Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


There are so many wonderful things about living in a lake house, and one of those delights is the visitors.  Visiting us at our full time home is a ho-hum experience, but at the lake house.. well, people do not hesitate to make the drive and enjoy the lake.  

Last week my longest-standing best friend, Scott, came for a three days, and of course he brought along his LARGE black lab mix Pongo, adopted 6 weeks ago.  I did not get a picture of Pongo, he is camera shy.  If you point a camera at him, he leaves the building.  

Not so for Scott and I, and here we are.  
I met Scott when I was in grade school.  We became young friends while skating on a local pond, and remained friends through middle school, high school, college, and obviously beyond.  He is Uncle Scott to our children, and to me he is my dear, dear, friend who knows and understands me, as I do him.  I am so grateful to have him and his partner Paul (who couldn't make the trip here) in our lives.  

I must add that Scott and I always have adventures and fun when together.  And, somehow someone always gets knocked around in the process.  The knee I'm having replaced in September?  Scott and I, along with four other passengers, ran a toboggan into a chain link fence when we were 17.  The cartilage in my knee was torn up and removed and that knee is totally done now.  

The tear in the rotator cuff of my right shoulder?  Body surfing with Scott on Fire Island, NY, where Scott and his friends rented a house for years and I visited for a week each summer for years.  This injury was one of those that my kids would describe as "it's all a whole lotta fun until someone gets hurt.... then it's hysterical," because I remember how we laughed when I untangled myself from the ocean and came up with sand and scrapes all over.  I didn't have that shoulder fixed and probably never will.  When I swim or row and my shoulder screams, I remember that wave and that tumble and the sun, sand, and our laughter, and I smile.  

This spring Scott visited me at my home and while visiting a tooth abscessed on him... talk about PAIN.  Which led to Scott needing pain meds and ending up blasted and sick.  It was not pretty, but was a bit hysterical.  

This trip, Scott and I escaped unscathed, but dear Pongo tore a toenail off below the cuticle while learning to swim.  He is a good swimmer!  But, a bit too enthusiastic and thus the torn off toenail.  What a mess.  We are praying for rain to wash the yard before this weekend's visitors arrive, as it was a bit of a blood bath for poor Pongo, who had to go to the vet for a pressure dressing.  

I hope that you are lucky, as I am, to have a friend in your life as long as I have had Scott in mine.  It is a blessing unlike any other... aside from the danger involved.  

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  1. So lucky to have such a life-long friend! Loved this post. Life is good, right Angela? I will catch up by email soon. :)


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