"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


FINALLY last weekend was our time to launch our boats onto the lake.  

My boat was a fairly easy launch.  David and Michael got it from the top of our SUV and carried it down to the lake.  The fact that it weighs over 150 pounds didn't stop them.  Within minutes of launching, I was on the lake
rowing to my heart's content.  I was pleased that the rowing skills I'd honed in summer camp a million years ago remain.  It's like riding a bike, you just remember how.  This is a very special rowboat, having been built by a man and his two sons in a boat-building class at a local university.  Those boys are grown and no one was using the boat, so onto Craigslist it went, and then onto our lake.  It is mahogany and is awesome.  It reminds me of the vintage Chris Craft used in the filming of On Golden Pond... only easier to maintain.  

Then it came time to launch Dave's power boat.  Dave, Chris and Mike towed the trailer and boat to the launch across the lake, with me staying at the house to help with the first docking.  It seemed like a long time that they were gone, and then finally a phone call came into my cell phone.  The battery in the boat went dead at the launch, and a decision was made to launch it anyway, with Dave paddling the boat and Christine on board to offer moral support.  

The plan was that Mike would drive back to their house and bum a ride from a neighbor to go tow them in.  Well, communications broke down and it turned out a kind boater on the lake offered to tow Chris and Dave home.  Unfortunately that good news did not reach Mike, who was racing to their rescue with a neighbor.  Whoops.  That neighbor dropped Mike at our dock, where we awaited those happy boaters.  And, along they came.  
Well, it wasn't a pretty launching but it got the boat to the dock.  

Obviously Dave and Chris thought it was just another good time on the lake.  

Confirms the answer to that question "which are your two happiest days as a boat owner?"
Answer:  "The day you buy the boat and the day you sell it."

I'm so glad my boat doesn't have a motor!

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Well, it has been a phenomenal amount of work to make this lake house our own.  It's involved a team of Dave and I, sister Chris and hubby Mike, and their dear son Derek and lovely daughter Caryl.  But, I think we're just about ready to do nothing but swim, boat, eat, enjoy the serenades of the loons, and rest well every night.  

Sadly, I did not go up this weekend, as the air conditioning is not in place and I just don't go anywhere without air conditioning once the temperature is above 75.  The heat is crippling to a lot of MS peeps, and that includes me.  

So, Dave went up and joined forces with Michael and Derek while Christine fed them and hosted her joyful grandsons and daughter in law for the day.  Today's mission was to put in the docks (a pile of stuff with no directions and not enough hardware) and also to place the new float.  Those guys worked very hard all day and they got it done.  

Here's the shots of the house with the docks and a new float in place.  
Our slice of heaven now with the dock and brand new float in place.  
And, here's where I say "Are you kidding me, this is ours?"  Cannonball!

We are truly blessed, words escape me.  I know our parents are looking down on us and smiling.  They raised each of us to love the outdoors and to work hard, provided us with a good moral base, and gave us the gift of education.  And, with all of that, we have made a dream come true.