"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, May 19, 2013


David and I are starting to think the dogs love the lake house more than we do.... doesn't seem possible, but it may be true.  Yesterday I captured evidence of this hypothesis and share it here with you to see if you think we may be right
Cassy and Bella having a blast.  

Misty starring in her own show.  

Obviously they are loving the great outdoors and are proving that a tired dog is a good dog.  Miniature schnauzers are world-class barkers, but after a day at the lake, Cassy and Bella couldn't bark if they had to.  

They are a lot of work, they do cramp our style some times.  However, we draw great satisfaction from knowing that these three dogs in the movies may not be alive today if it weren't for us.  

Cassy (the black and tan) is unstable, having been abused in her first home.  She is much too smart, and that wisdom brings worries and obsessions along with it.  Landing in our home likely saved her from a life of being misunderstood and tortured.  

Bella is partially blind, having been born with faulty tear ducts that went untreated for her first 3 years of life.  She is a good dog, simple and uncomplicated.  She is easy to live with and asks for nothing.  But, she gets it all anyways.  

Misty the toy poodle was a mistake of a show breeder's efforts to get a long-legged litter for the show ring, where long legged toy poodles are adored.  It's not nice to mess with Mother Nature... she and her litter mate were born with significant orthopedic deformities of the hind legs.  Three surgeries around her first birthday got her sound and stable enough to live with little discomfort, but compromised.  Yup, she's long-legged all right, but she cannot jump, climb stairs, or do the acrobatics that one expects of a toy poodle.  What she lacks physically she makes up for spiritually, as she is an ocean of comfort and joy.  


  1. I feel like I know your pups after reading, but the photos don't show for some reason. Bad blogger!
    Paul's Rockies photo is awesome!

  2. Oh rats, they are movies. Weird because if I just visit my blog, not sign in, but go to it as you might, the movies are there. Anyone else see them or they missing?

  3. Oh rats is right. Now that I know what they are and you don't have a problem, I take back " bad blogger" and am saying "bad iPad" instead. It's all I have at the bay, but I'll look on my desktop at home soon. Can't wait!

  4. Home now and saw the videos, yes, I think you may be right! :) Also, isn't Old Faithful awesome?! We take it for granted, but when one thinks about how it can be counted on like clockwork, it's really mind-boggling.


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