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Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, April 18, 2013


On our last day here among the Giant Sequoias we were blessed with about 4" of snow.... So far.

When you travel in high wilderness areas, there are chain regulations for vehicles. Right now is a time when you must have a set of chains in your car when you enter the park.

We do have a set of chains in our rented large SUV. We have the chains for Anna's Ford Focus. We grabbed them from her to meet that "chains in the vehicle rule," never guessing that we'd need chains and the "chains in our vehicle" might not fit said vehicle. Tonight the National Park peeps instituted the "chains required ON TIRES" rule.

We aren't too concerned, as we are at the highest elevation of the park (8000 feet) and know that the snow will dissipate as we go "down the hill."  And, we have 4 WD.  We just have to hope that Mr. Ranger sir isn't between us and the end of the snow line.

From this report you'd probably not guess we are well-seasoned travelers. And as of tomorrow that will be 31 years of traveling together! We are celebrating this anniversary by taking the red eye from Long Beach to Boston. It just doesn't get much better than this I'll tell ya.

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