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Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, March 18, 2013


A while ago I started a quilt for me and Dave.  And, as usual, I challenged myself.  That challenge has turned out to be worthwhile, as you can see
Good grief is all I can say.  This quilt was a ridiculous amount of work.  It is mostly done.  Next my quilting teacher/mentor Rhonda will come in and square it up, I'll add a border of the solid green, and off it will go to be custom quilted.  I was thinking of doing the math to count the parts, but I'm too tired to do that.  

Seams, seams and more seams.  

I feel pretty certain that Rhonda is going to redesign my corner triangles, which are a bit lackluster and may be short on width also.  

A few people have contacted me over time, asking if I would share this pattern.  Since I made this using only a picture of a quilt I found online, Rhonda and I made a pattern as we went along.  Here it is:  
Also at one point a X-stitching blogger contacted me to see if I would make this quilt on commission.  Of course I will, for about a million dollars.  

My friend Sue hit the nail right on the head when she described this as a "once in a lifetime" quilt.  Sue and my sister Christine, along with teacher Rhonda, were my cheer leaders behind the scenes on this project.  However, I do believe every once in a while I heard a murmur of "she's mental you know."  

This all started when dear Dave told me he wanted a "Bear Paw" quilt for us.  And, of course, I could not do a plain old traditional bear paw.... of course not.  

Next in line is a lap quilt for a gift and after that it's onto a queen sized batik quilt for our son Paul.  It's always one quilt at a time.  That's about as much confusion as I can take.  


  1. Lol! I agree, not for less than a million bucks! I get tired just looking at it, but it is awesomely gorgeous and a family heirloom! I have a "once in a lifetime" quilt too. It was right after that one when I decided to start beading, knitting and making dolls. Haha! I'm in awe that you have a queen size in your plans. Another big LOL is your pattern. I love it! ;)

  2. Good job! Glad it's over. Lol. This once in a life time? Didn't you recently finish a Kaffe million pieces once in a life time?

  3. This is really beautiful...can't wait to see it quilted and all. I am sure you can't either. It seems like I always have something ahead of me to do...and just so much I want to do. I have a baby quilt pin basted...now all I have to do is decide how to quilt it. I even got the binding made today. I have found that I love to make the top, then the binding, then do the the quilting. I don't like to quilt it then have to stop and make the binding.


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