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Monday, March 18, 2013


Way back when, I worked in Boston, taking the commuter train in every day.  I rode with a bunch of girlfriends and instead of just gabbing our way in, we decided to have a knitting club.  Our project was to knit hats for babies in the NICUs in Boston hospitals.  I think we ended up contributing close to 500 hats over time.  

I also remember the nurses telling us that the size they need the most is one that just fits over a closed fist.  

Recently I finished another shawl, and needed some quick-finish knitting before tackling another large project.  So, I decided to return to those days, and so again have been knitting baby hats for preemies.  

These were finished in one week.  The dark blue one is a gift for a friend of a friend, expecting her first grandchild.  
This style makes the tiniest ones, slightly larger than my fist.  Every time I knit one, I recall
that our two children were born late and with full-sized noggins.  We have been so blessed.

This pattern is so easy, it's knit in the round, no messy seam to rub on the baby's head.  These, however, are a
bit too large for a preemie, so I'm now making this pattern with fingering yarn on a size 3 needle,
that'll make a tiny cap.  

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  1. I love them...I don't knit but seeing things like this makes me wish I did.


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