"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Finally I have gotten a couple of fantastic items made by the amazing Barbara of PinelandsTreasures.  One of my favorite parts of blogging are the friends I have made, and Barbara is one I got to meet one fine day a couple of years back.  

I have gotten one of Barbara's Spirit Dolls watching over me now.  I have taken to carrying her to what ever room I may be in, and at night she watches me sleep.  There's just something about this Doll that makes me feel so good.  She is infused with great spirit and adorned with lovely charms and crystals.  She is the Happy Homemaker Spirit Doll:

I love her
Barbara is uniquely creative, and I'm not sure the words "recipe" "pattern" "rules" or "directions" ever apply to her life.  She has freed her mind to do as it may, and the results are so much fun.  I am fascinated with her felting, a knitting skill I have never tried but envy.  Here is my felted vessel from Barbara's needles.  I keep inspecting it ever so closely to understand how it works.  I will be giving this as a gift to someone very dear to me, and until then I am enjoying it myself. 


Monday, March 18, 2013


A while ago I started a quilt for me and Dave.  And, as usual, I challenged myself.  That challenge has turned out to be worthwhile, as you can see
Good grief is all I can say.  This quilt was a ridiculous amount of work.  It is mostly done.  Next my quilting teacher/mentor Rhonda will come in and square it up, I'll add a border of the solid green, and off it will go to be custom quilted.  I was thinking of doing the math to count the parts, but I'm too tired to do that.  

Seams, seams and more seams.  

I feel pretty certain that Rhonda is going to redesign my corner triangles, which are a bit lackluster and may be short on width also.  

A few people have contacted me over time, asking if I would share this pattern.  Since I made this using only a picture of a quilt I found online, Rhonda and I made a pattern as we went along.  Here it is:  
Also at one point a X-stitching blogger contacted me to see if I would make this quilt on commission.  Of course I will, for about a million dollars.  

My friend Sue hit the nail right on the head when she described this as a "once in a lifetime" quilt.  Sue and my sister Christine, along with teacher Rhonda, were my cheer leaders behind the scenes on this project.  However, I do believe every once in a while I heard a murmur of "she's mental you know."  

This all started when dear Dave told me he wanted a "Bear Paw" quilt for us.  And, of course, I could not do a plain old traditional bear paw.... of course not.  

Next in line is a lap quilt for a gift and after that it's onto a queen sized batik quilt for our son Paul.  It's always one quilt at a time.  That's about as much confusion as I can take.  


Way back when, I worked in Boston, taking the commuter train in every day.  I rode with a bunch of girlfriends and instead of just gabbing our way in, we decided to have a knitting club.  Our project was to knit hats for babies in the NICUs in Boston hospitals.  I think we ended up contributing close to 500 hats over time.  

I also remember the nurses telling us that the size they need the most is one that just fits over a closed fist.  

Recently I finished another shawl, and needed some quick-finish knitting before tackling another large project.  So, I decided to return to those days, and so again have been knitting baby hats for preemies.  

These were finished in one week.  The dark blue one is a gift for a friend of a friend, expecting her first grandchild.  
This style makes the tiniest ones, slightly larger than my fist.  Every time I knit one, I recall
that our two children were born late and with full-sized noggins.  We have been so blessed.

This pattern is so easy, it's knit in the round, no messy seam to rub on the baby's head.  These, however, are a
bit too large for a preemie, so I'm now making this pattern with fingering yarn on a size 3 needle,
that'll make a tiny cap.  


I am getting so close to a Cross-Stitch finish

Flutterby from Tam's Creations
I can't wait to finish this, because my next X stitch is a special piece for the new lake house.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Is now ours.  
I look forward to ice out and the return of the loons.  Until then, the house will sit encased and surrounded by snow. 

We are so blown away and this all seems unreal, it's something we've dreamed of, but were never sure we'd have.  


Greetings friends!  I got an iPhone a bit ago and am doing OK with it, techno-idiot that I am.  The only thing that I don't like about it is it doesn't comfortably live in my pocket like my other phones have.  It's kind of a brick.  People are always telling me to make sure I have my phone on me at all times in case I fall and can't get up, but how to keep a brick in my pocket, I don't know.  

One of the best things about the iPhone is the ease with which you can snap a photo and send it out, thereby boring your friends and family with pictures of ever moment of every day.  Since most of my days are pretty mundane, that makes for a lot of photo ops.  

Yesterday's photo op came at the end of a busy day, after David and I spent the day in NH closing on the house on the lake.  In our absence, the animals must have done something to Poppy, who was missing her front legs and was glowing.  I'm very proud of my iPhone photography skills, as who else could have captured a cat in such a state?  
I have no idea what I am doing with this phone and camera... if you hadn't already guessed that.