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Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thrift Shop Find

Some of my time is spent volunteering for Bootstraps of Beverly (Mass).  It is an organization that started as a small food pantry in the basement of a church, about 20 years ago, and is now a large organization that provides many different services to those in need in our area.  

I volunteer in the thrift shop, where donated items are taken in and sold to support those programs.  It's an amazing shop, and our local residents are amazing in all the items they bring in our doors for resale.  

I rarely buy items from the shop, as I have all that I need, but recently there was something I just had to have.  
This must have been a manufacturer's sample box.  

Look at what it holds!
I did buy this, I couldn't help myself.  But, it wasn't for the floss, it was for the box.  I have a thing about unusual wooden boxes.  The floss is going to Denise who I know will actually use a jumble of floss where there's probably not two of any one color.  


  1. That box is awesome. I need to go to your thrift shop.

  2. Not only is the box very cool indeed but the floss! The floss!!


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