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Saturday, February 9, 2013


Here we are with snow up to our butts, yet all Dave and I can think of is THIS
That's my sister Christine in the pink.  
Because THIS is a lake house that will be totally ours on March 5. 

100 feet of waterfront and a 24 foot dock.  The water level in the lake
is dropped for the winter, that's why it looks so high and dry right now.  

You see, my sister and her hubby bought a camp on this lake a bit ago, and if you visit her blog you can see what a wonderful place they got.  And, of course, in her blog you'll see what an amazing interior decorator she is with her special touches and quilts.  

David and I fell in love with this lake, and have always loved my sister and her family, so put the two together and start searching.  There aren't many homes on the lake, so we knew we'd need patience and it could take years.  

But, last Friday Chris and Mike were checking in on their camp when they spotted the realty signs for this house, just 2/10ths of a mile from their camp.  They called me and gave me my marching orders and we all went and saw the house last Saturday and by Monday night we were under agreement.  It was meant to be, all of it.  

It is a neat funky house, and is actually a mobile home with a home tastefully built around it.  It is a fantastic lot with a horseshoe pit and a nice lawn and just enough gardens.  

The home and land are handicapped accessible, including a paved path down to the dock, which is also handicapped accessible.  In the picture below, I am standing on that path and I intend to always stand on that path.  How would we ever find someone strong enough to push my oversized arse up that path in a wheelchair anyhow?  And, I know that now that we have all this handicapped access, I will never need it.  

 There are a lot of really funky interesting details in the house, like this loft, which was created on the top of the mobile home when they built the home around it.  My sister is so excited, saying yay her dear grandsons can have sleep overs at Auntie's house.  And, they can, we will welcome their love and joy with open arms.  And, Dave can get up early with them.  :)  

 The views!!!  This is the view from the dining area.  

This is where the constructed house meets the mobile home.  This picture is taken from the front family room and is looking into the dining area, which is within the mobile home portion.  

That red wall and green paint have got to go.   

How many ways can we count our blessings!

The ramp that I will never need.  

The mobile section of the house, with the loft up to the right, and through the kitchen to the back is our bedroom and bathroom.  The other bedroom is in the constructed part of the home.  

This is, indeed, a dream come true.  


  1. Oh Angela I am so happy for you and Dave!! It is a dream house in a dream location!!

  2. I can hardly wait until summer. We need to hit the thrift stores and get decorating! It needs to be NH cottaged up.

  3. Wow. This is gorgeous! What lake is it? You are indeed very bleddef.:-)

  4. So so happy for you! I know your dream come true feeling! Its awesome!

  5. Oh, so glad your dreams are coming true!

  6. I completely missed this post! What an awesome view! You know that loft could be a stitching room. Congrats to you!


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