"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Morning in the Sewing Room

There's not much new to report in the sewing room, as I continue on with this project
which is pretty much getting on my last nerve at this point.  I have one more row to make, and so am making the parts
First the claws.  I've tried triangles on a roll and a few other methods for 1/2 square triangles, and have found the good old fashioned way gives the best results every time.  I make them a bit oversized and trim them down to size.  

A friend recently mentioned how little I talk about how MS affects my life, and I responded that it's such a boring subject, who cares?  I sure do my best to ignore this disease and find that works just fine for me.  

However, in the sewing room this morning I thought perhaps I should take the time to share how MS can affect a person.  So much of MS is invisible, many people look at someone like me and comment "You look Great!"   When someone says this to me, I push them down the stairs say "thank you!"  

Anyhow, here's what it's like to assemble parts for 1/2 square triangles, I really want all of you to try this!   I want to you to go and put your fingertips, including your thumbs, in ice water for about a half hour.  Once they are completely numb, go to your sewing room and assemble some 1/2 square triangles.  Not easy, is it?  My numb fingers and thumbs drive me mad.  I cannot feel the fabric, I cannot feel the thread.  

My eyes do that work for me.  And that brings up another idea for you.  Now that you have your fingers numb, I want you to put on a pair of prescription glasses that belong to someone else.  Focus your eyes closely on the work of assembling, pinning and marking those squares.  Then, look up once in a while for a view of the lovely day.  It'll take a minute or two for your eyes to adjust from one task to the other.  How do you like that?  LOL this disease is nuts.  

But how can I complain when I am surrounded by so many of God's graces?
A cat who loves me beyond measure, right there on my cutting room table.
A roof over our heads, food in our cabinets, and the sunshine bathing our sewing room.
And dear Poppy on the ironing board, close at hand,
holding down a row for the quilt, so that it cannot get away.  
And, of course, My dear Misty, wondering when lunch will be
served and nap time held, because she knows then she will
have my lap all the way through the day until bed time.


  1. Holy Moly, Angela! Where to start commenting?! Is it the current quilt project, your trials with MS, a special wooden box, all of your beloved fur-kids, or is it Stufficide that deserves a thoughtful comment? I think the answer is all of the above, but the thought that stays with me the most is your grateful heart. Ahhh...now if only I can remember to pay attention to that more than anything else when my road is too congested or a bit bumpy. You are an inspiration, my dear. :)

  2. And to think I complain about finding uninterrupted time to sew...now that I know you deal with MS and how it affects you, makes me really appreciate the quilting you do. I don't know if I would do it or not...but I suppose I would since I cannot imagine a life without quilting involved.

    BTW, your quilt is coming along....so beautiful!


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