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Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In catching up yesterday, I forgot one of my finishes since posting back in November.  

I knit this blanket from Martha Stewart yarn, from Lion Brand.  It is a acrylic/wool blend, 100% washable, with just enough wool to make it very soft and bouncy.  I loved the colors and so went for a plain old stripe design, something I rarely do.  I love a seeded edge border, but attaching new yarns at a seeded edge wrecks that perfect edge that I love so much.  So, to avoid that problem, the new color is started 10 stitches into the first row of a new color, right after the border.  You can't even tell, can you?  

It has become apparent that I've spent an awful lot of time resting on my behind knitting and stitching!  The holidays tend to make us say "oh I'll get that done after the holidays."  While I was unable to spend much time in my sewing room during the holidays, I wasn't going to make the season totally unproductive and so enjoyed all of these projects that can be picked up and put down every 5 minutes.  

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