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Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 Well, it occasionally happens over the holidays, no matter how careful you are.  

One of these: (specifically the silver one on the right)

Is going to get hold of one of these:
And you will and should freak out on the spot, because this is poison to a dog.  Dark chocolate especially.  And, I'm guessing that chili powder doesn't sit real well either.  

If you've not guessed it already, last week Bella the silver schnauzer found Dave's Xmas chocolate stash in the very bottom of his ski bag.  (What the heck was he doing holding chocolate this long anyway?)  Anyhow, Bella ate it all, including most of the wrapping.  

I used to keep Ipecac in the house for just these types of emergencies (have never used it on a kid, only on a dog here and there).  Now, I knew that throwing up chocolate is OK, any other item, I would call the Poison Control Center before inducing vomiting.  

Without Ipecac on hand, I called my friend and partner in rescue, Denise, and she gave me the instructions "hydrogen peroxide."  So, I looked that up on the web and here's what we did.  

1.  Most important step:  Gate the dog on the tile floor and get a roll of paper towels. 
2.  Administer 1 tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide per 10 pounds of dog.  We got it into her using a turkey baster.
3.  Pick up the dog and shake.... shake the dog.  I'm not kidding, do you think I could make this up?
3.  If the dog doesn't puke, do step #2 again.  We did.  
4.  Stand back. 

It worked.  Wow that was one pile of chocolate.  What a waste of a great stocking stuffer.  


  1. OMG, not funny, I know. But I'm smiling. :) so glad it worked!

  2. Don't worry, Barbara, Dave and I were cracking up, especially as he shook Bella like a martini. We've been there done this so many times that we can laugh with the confidence that we know what we are doing. It is never a dull moment around here, you know it.


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