"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


In catching up yesterday, I forgot one of my finishes since posting back in November.  

I knit this blanket from Martha Stewart yarn, from Lion Brand.  It is a acrylic/wool blend, 100% washable, with just enough wool to make it very soft and bouncy.  I loved the colors and so went for a plain old stripe design, something I rarely do.  I love a seeded edge border, but attaching new yarns at a seeded edge wrecks that perfect edge that I love so much.  So, to avoid that problem, the new color is started 10 stitches into the first row of a new color, right after the border.  You can't even tell, can you?  

It has become apparent that I've spent an awful lot of time resting on my behind knitting and stitching!  The holidays tend to make us say "oh I'll get that done after the holidays."  While I was unable to spend much time in my sewing room during the holidays, I wasn't going to make the season totally unproductive and so enjoyed all of these projects that can be picked up and put down every 5 minutes.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 Well, it occasionally happens over the holidays, no matter how careful you are.  

One of these: (specifically the silver one on the right)

Is going to get hold of one of these:
And you will and should freak out on the spot, because this is poison to a dog.  Dark chocolate especially.  And, I'm guessing that chili powder doesn't sit real well either.  

If you've not guessed it already, last week Bella the silver schnauzer found Dave's Xmas chocolate stash in the very bottom of his ski bag.  (What the heck was he doing holding chocolate this long anyway?)  Anyhow, Bella ate it all, including most of the wrapping.  

I used to keep Ipecac in the house for just these types of emergencies (have never used it on a kid, only on a dog here and there).  Now, I knew that throwing up chocolate is OK, any other item, I would call the Poison Control Center before inducing vomiting.  

Without Ipecac on hand, I called my friend and partner in rescue, Denise, and she gave me the instructions "hydrogen peroxide."  So, I looked that up on the web and here's what we did.  

1.  Most important step:  Gate the dog on the tile floor and get a roll of paper towels. 
2.  Administer 1 tsp of Hydrogen Peroxide per 10 pounds of dog.  We got it into her using a turkey baster.
3.  Pick up the dog and shake.... shake the dog.  I'm not kidding, do you think I could make this up?
3.  If the dog doesn't puke, do step #2 again.  We did.  
4.  Stand back. 

It worked.  Wow that was one pile of chocolate.  What a waste of a great stocking stuffer.  


Happy New Year!  I've not been blogging since early November, shame on me.  I had this crazy notion in my mind that I wasn't going to blog til I finished this project:

It's the Bear Paw king sized quilt that I am making for our bed.  And, as you can see, it is not done.  I think I have one more row, a center one, to go.  Since that long center row takes more parts than I can count.... it takes a while.  First make around 90 1/2 square triangles, then make them into paws, then add the center pieces and square to make it into a block, then the striped sashings in between blocks and the nine patches.  OK my brain is roiling just thinking of it, so I'll take it one piece at a time.   

While I've been "finishing" this project, I have actually really finished a whole bunch of others, and here they come:

I knit a Nemo for Anna for Xmas.  I hated this project but loved the results.
Of course, the best part was the look on Anna's face when she opened this present.  She loved it! 

For Paul for Xmas I took this very old X stitch I'd found in a thrift shop (50 cents) and framed it.
He was thrilled with it, and accompanying it was a book of Robert Frost's work.  

Anna's company in California was sponsoring a family at Camp Pendleton during the holiday season.
Anna asked for some home made items and I was happy to oblige.
I loved making these knit balls, they were great fun and make the perfect toy for the baby in the family.
 They can be tossed around the house without injuring anything.
The bag carries two bottles of wine (or so I'm told) and so made a nice gift for the parents.  
This little muffin is Neikko, and he is one of Anna's roommates in California.
I sewed a couple of neckerchiefs for him for the holidays and included
them in my shipment of hand made items.  He saw the knitted Xmas
balls and of course had to have one.  It became his favorite toy very quickly.  

Of course Misty wanted knit toys to call her own.  

I had some Baby Bunny cotton yarn left from a project,
so knit up a layette sized soft and cuddly baby blankie.  

This waffle design is my favorite for a baby blanket.
And, when knit out of cotton it actually makes a good towel .  

I finished a baby blanket I'd started last summer.  An easy-peasy pattern that Barbara at Pinelands Treasures
had shared with me.  It's knit from the corner outward then back in.  

It is a perfect square when finished. 
I finished a shawl for me, knit out of bamboo/wool blend yarn.  It is soft and bouncy and luxurious.  

I've not quite figured out exactly how one wears such a garment.
I'm not a very fancy woman, and this is a very fancy garment.  
I have started a prayer shawl.  I love this pattern, it is so easy!
There are only two rows in the pattern once you've
gotten the border done.  It's a great mindless project.  
I continue to stitch on Flutterby, from Tam's Creations.
I haven't put as much time into it as I'd like to.
It is fun to work on and I am loving the results.  

And, here's the Xmas present that Dave bought for me.
It is a Martelli cutting table,  which was auctioned off  by Poodle Rescue of Vermont.
It has an electric lift that allows you to adjust the height of the table,
allowing me to sit and cut on those days when standing isn't the thing to do.
I love it!

So, it's been a productive few months, with holidays and visitors thrown in.  Anna was able to be home from California and Paul from Amherst, MA, for the holiday, and that was the greatest gift of all.  

Our critters are doing well, and Bella's eye surgery in November was a smashing success.  No longer does she have to live with the pain of dry eye, and with the layer of green goop.  Her eyes drool nicely.  She is a good, good, dog, and fits in wonderfully with our pack.  It feels as if she has been with us forever.  

In late November, I officially retired as the Business Manager and Treasurer of Schnauzer Paws Rescue.  Although I will always be involved in rescue in some way or another, I am done with the day to day tasks involved in running a rescue and welcoming in foster dogs and all that.  Dave and I were able to patch together 3 of our most satisfying rescues ever this year and it brought to me a feeling of satisfaction and pride, and knowledge that we had made a difference and probably always will, but can now do so in the back ground.  

I carry on, as always, and enjoy all that life has to offer.  MS and I still fight one another, and it continues to rob me of little pieces here and there, and I continue to battle back.  My biggest fight at this point is that I have lost the feeling in the tips of all 10 fingers and that is nuts, I'll tell you, nuts.  My eyes are now my fingertips, and so I thank God every day for my clear vision.  

Happy New Year!