"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


On lovely sunny mornings like today, you can find all critters great and small sunbathing by the deck doors.  It's such a relaxing sight, to see them all sitting still for a moment, enjoying a sun bath.  

Sweet Little Misty.  8 yo and not feeling totally herself, with chronic
pancreatitis and now a "dead" hind leg.  She's still got great spirit and love.  

Our Dear California kitten, Poppy.  
Our Dear Cassy Dawg, the care giver and worry wart of the group
Also, the smartest and quirkiest and we love every bit of her.  
Lovely Reesie, so dear to me, I do believe she is one of
my earliest cats, Blossom, brought back to me.  Note
Dave in the background, working out of the house,
surrounded by critters. 
And last but not least, sweet Bella, our newest addition.  She had ants in her pants
during sun bathing time, so I wasn't able to snap her with the others.  She came to
us as one of the special needs dogs in the rescue, and we decided to keep her,
because we are mental because we rarely get adopters for special needs dogs and this
girl has been bounced around enough and she loves our home.  She is having
surgery on her eyes on November 20 because Dave and I aren't totally broke yet
because we will do what ever is necessary to preserve her remaining vision, and
surgery is the only option.  She will be having an extra salivary gland on each
side re-routed to her tear glands, which do not work, and so saliva will
bathe her eyes and keep them healthy.  Her eyes will drool when something
smells good.  

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  1. Hey Angela, did those awesome critters settle themselves on your computer? Long time, no update. Have missed you! How did sweet Bella make out with the surgical procedures? Check in, girl!


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