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Monday, November 5, 2012


I've begun some sewing for a fund raiser for Poodle Rescue of Vermont.  Dave and I were going to begin fostering dogs for them, but then Bella got added to our home and there really is just no more room at the Inn right now.  Once we get more accustomed to living with 3 dogs and 2 cats, perhaps tossing another dog in here once in a while won't make a difference.  For now, it would.  

I wanted to help them in some way, so I decided to use my sewing skills to do donate items for them to use to raise funds. It's refreshing to do some SMALL sewing for a change.  Here's the first items I've finished:

The Doggie Bag and Matching Neckerchief.  

There's a yo yo with a vintage button to add a bit of bling to the bag.  I recently inherited my dear Auntie's sewing room when she passed away..... and she had button boxes that would make you drool!  I am so happy to use them and spread the joy around.  I'm not going to die some day with a box of beautiful buttons stashed away! 

Of course the dog neckerchief is reversible.  

A fancy Doggie Neckerchief.  
I'm fairly certain the doggie bag/neckerchief sets will be sold at their E-Bay store, which you can get to by going to their web site and clicking on the box that says "Hat Sale."  The single fancy neckerchiefs they will sell from their Saturday morning booths at Petco's in the area.  They have for sale on their E-Bay site the most amazing quilting table in the universe, maybe you ought to hop over and take a peek!
How cute is that?

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