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Thursday, July 19, 2012


FOLLOW UP:  Bobby was adopted on Sunday, July 22 by a wonderful family who will give him lots of time and love and all that good stuff.  

Today a foster dog arrived in our home.  I'll have to admit I had a bit of the "Yips" about this arrival, as it's been a while since we've had a foster dog in our home.  But, not to worry, he arrived and all is well.  

The first thing I did with him was change his name, as he had got himself a case of very selective hearing, as he learned to ignore his previous family as they chased him through the neighborhood every time he would escape, which, I understand, was often.  So, here's a tidbit of dog training for you--if your dog dashes, when he/she does come back to you, praise that dog like it is the greatest creature on the planet and give it a piece of chicken on top of that.  If you scold the dog, do you think it'll come back to you next time?  Nope.  

 He's only been here for 4 hours, and I already have him coming when ever I call him "Bobby!" because he has already learned that "Bobby!" means he's getting a treat.  

Anyhow, he is a 9.5 year old black miniature schnauzer, and he is very, very dear.  

Right now he is sitting in our front windows, enjoying himself immensely
 It's obvious to us he was not allowed on the furniture in his home and so we are teaching him to be naughty, lifting him onto the furniture.  We may regret this, I know.  In spite of the fact that his family reported him as an "incessant barker," he has not barked once at the parade of kids, dogs, skateboarders, bikers, going by the house tonight.  Like I said, he's been here only 4 hours.  Give him some time, and he'll be barking.  

Until then, I get the selfish pleasure of watching a dog's heart unfold. 


  1. so, it is ok to change a dogs name?!?!?! We are looking at a couple possible new furry friends...only getting one, but looking at more than one....I like the name of one of them, but not too fond of the other! One of them is a rescue/foster, the other in a home....

  2. Oh what a sweetheart! Oh if I didn't already have 3 ...

  3. Super!!!
    Tolle Bilder vom Hund.
    Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany

  4. So glad he found a forever home :)

  5. Awe that is so sweet. How is bobby doing now?


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