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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I always have at least one knitting project going at a time.  I have been making a lovely shawl and am nearly done.  
I am knitting this out of Cascade Bamboo/Wool blend, it is soft and bouncy and very luxurious.  
Please appreciate these photos, which I took out on our deck.  It's about 1000 degrees out there, and with my severe heat intolerance due to MS, I got a splitting headache in the two minutes it took to get these photos!

Just before Memorial Day, Dave and I went out to "the river" in western PA for our annual visit with the cousins.  I wanted a knitting project to bring along, but knew that the shawl was a poor candidate, as it is a pattern that is easy to knit but also easy to mess up.  

So, Barbara from Pinelands Treasures shared and easy-peasy pattern with me, and I brought that project to the river with me and am working on it at home.  Have you ever knit a pattern in this fashion?  I have, and it is great fun and a nice change.  You start in the corner with a couple of stitches and go on from there, adding one stitch per row.  When you get to the middle, where ever you decide that's going to be, then you start to decrease one stitch per row.  

This pattern is very, very simple, a good project for those times when you want to keep your hands busy but your mind is occupied otherwise.  Barbara told me that this is the pattern she uses to knit up her kitchen cloths, and I recall my mother in law did the same.  After I finish this blanket, I am going to try knitting kitchen cloths using some of the two million 1/4-1/2" fabric strips I have from squaring up edges for quilts.  

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