"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


There's always a X stitch project on my hoop, especially during the summer when the light is great and knitting feels just too hot on certain days.  

I recently finished this piece, a design by Silver Creek Samplers.  
When I started this, I had in mind that it would be a gift to a friend who suffered a terrible loss a couple years back... but now I am not so sure.  The saying seems rather trite and trivial given the loss she suffered, when her 21 year old daughter decided that living was not something she cared to do any longer.  I will think a long time before deciding.  

The current project on my hoop is a design by Tam's Creations.  It is called Assisi Flutterby.  
Now this is just plain old fun.  It's done on 14ct Aida, which feels really good after working on 18ct for the projects I've done in the last year.  Here's my start on it, done in a nice chocolate brown on white Aida.
I cannot put into words how dear and meaningful all of my needle crafts are to me.  In addition to my Family and Friends, these crafts are what keep me engaged in life.  I am constantly lifted up (and amazed) at the work I accomplish.  Now that I am home-based (others might refer to this as "house bound") since I no longer drive, and as MS continues its disappointing march through my central nervous system, these hobbies are my life line.  They make me happy, they are my therapy, and I will forever be grateful to my Mom for passing these skills down to me.  When she formed a 4-H Sewing Club and started to teach my sister Christine and me and various neighborhood girls as many needle arts as she could, I am certain she had no idea the joy these arts would bring to the both of us over the years.  Certainly she could not have foreseen the importance these hobbies would become in my life.  I'm thinking Mom would be pretty darn pleased were she here to see us at work in our sewing rooms today.  


  1. I think your mom knew exactly what she was doing when she taught you & your sis all about sewing & the joy & fulfillment it brings.

  2. Cute finish. I like to make things for other people as well. What a beautiful pattern I can't wait to see how it progresses! Hope all is well with you.


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