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Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It's been a while since I have blogged about what's going on in my sewing room.  My time has not been spent entirely on tending to the critters, I have gotten things done in the sewing room.  It just feels as if it's been wild here for weeks on end and my mind has been quite scattered as a result.  

First, here's three quilts I have finally finished, hanging in the sewing room closet.  These will be going off to the long-armer over the weekend.  The two matching are for cousin Linda in PA and her daughter Kaylee, and the other is for a great grand child of another PA cousin.  

Yup, this is my sewing room closet.  It's a disaster and I like it that way, I actually know where everything is.  I took the doors off of it a couple years back and have lots of room and shelving in there.  

Now that these three quilts are done, I have returned to the quilt for me and Dave, a Bear's Paw design.  I had set it aside six months ago and am so glad to be returning to it.  Nice to be focused on one quilt at a time.  

I absolutely love this quilt and am making it from a picture of a quilt I found online, without a pattern.  My wonderful quilting teacher, Rhonda, has made periodic visits to make the pattern for me.  She is brilliant.  My design wall is a bit of a wreck from Poppy kitten using it as a climbing wall.  I need to get the staple gun out and staple Poppy to a wall in the basement repair the damage.  

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