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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I have clearly named this post so that any pet owner who is in a frantic Google Search will find this information.  

I became the owner of this information because this critter:

dumped her big bowl of kibble on the floor when no one was home and this critter:

had a major pig out.  

Little Misty is only 5 pounds, and so was poisoned by the high protein levels in the cat food.  A 20 pound dog probably could have eaten the same amount and would be fine, but would likely get very sick from a 5 pound bag.  

Dogs love cat kibble, it is very high in protein and smells great to a dog (or so I'm told).  It made Misty very, very sick and we were not sure she was going to pull through.  It was a gastrointesinal nightmare for the little dear and I must say also for those around her.  It broke our hearts to see her so very ill and so the last 7 days of my life have been spent caring for her with proper meds and tiny meals and proper hygiene and LOTS OF YUCKY LAUNDRY.  You get the picture.  

She saw our vet last week, however, on Sunday she was still so ill we had to take her to an emergency veterinary hospital nearby where she received excellent treatment and additional meds and IV fluid.  She even got her poor little behind shaved and treated.  

She's now starting to feel better and is enjoying her bland meals and has a little bit more bounce to her step.  She may have to go into the vet tomorrow for another infusion of fluids, as dehydration is one of our biggest enemies as we work to keep her kidneys running properly.  Dogs can also get severe pancreatitis from a cat food pig out, somehow Misty did not.  

Only good thing to report is that I have spent many hours with her wrapped in a towel on my lap, working on a X stitch.  I much rather would have been romping in the yard with her.  


  1. So glad she is turning the corner. Dehydration is a huge problem in little dogs. Will be praying your little one is OK. It is so very hard when they are sick. Having to fur-babies who are constantly on meds (one of which is old and not doing well at all at the moment) is just so heart breaking. They really are family! Good Luck my friend -
    Hugs and Prayers

  2. I hate that it happened for you and for her...I bet she felt absolutely, totally horrible...and I can just imagine how worried you were.


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