"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have abandoned the luxury of having a really NICE really LARGE design wall.

Here's why:

This is the ungrateful kitten named Poppy.  We flew her from California to our home in Massachusetts, in order to save her life, and this is the thanks we get.
She has absolutely destroyed my wall and now I need to get it out of the sewing room, as the large staples which WERE holding the fabric onto the wall are popping and they are dangerous.
She is so stinking smug.

I think I'll give her to my sister Christine, whose blog is catsonmyquilts.blogspot.com and if you go visit her, you'll see a picture of her cat Penny peacefully enjoying a nap on a quilt.  Christine is really "cat on my quilts" now, since her second cat Oscar died a couple of years back.  I think she needs to be "cats on my quilts" again, so next time she visits, I'm sneaking this black and white one into her bag.

Perhaps I should throw in this one too:
although I'm not sure my sister will accept a cat whose tail has been cut off by a rotary cutter, which is exactly what's going to happen if she (Reesie) continues to help me while at my cutting table.

This critter, I will keep.  She knows how to behave herself in the sewing room:

I have a bed in my sewing room, just in case I need an emergency nap in the middle of a project.  Misty makes good use of that bed, watching me sew the morning away.  The fourth critter, Cassy, couldn't be bothered with hanging out in the sewing room, there's just not enough excitement in there for her.


  1. Poppy needs some manners. No gratitude in that cat!

  2. If either of those cats end up with me, you are not my sister anymore! I'll change my blog name to "Cat on my Quilts".

  3. Hahahaha. Oops, I mean, bad Poppy. She looks exactly like my sister's kitten, who I'm sure will be DESTROYING my sewing stuff this summer.

  4. Oh Christine, I'll always be your sister no matter how mental I get or how mental I drive you!

  5. Good luck Katie! If your sister's cat is a tuxedo kitten with greenish (not gold) eyes, it usually means there is a lot of Bombay breed in the cat, and they are delightful beasts. I learned all about this AFTER we flew her home to us, of course! They are brave and funny and very energetic, and unlike most cats, believe in the power of the pack. She speaks "dog" and is working well as part of the dog pack here. However, she and Reesie have some "issues"--Poppy has no manners whatsoever, and Reesie has no patience.

  6. I know the kittie antics are frustrating, boy do I know?! But I'm smiling anyhow.


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