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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Tomorrow there is an auction at our church, to benefit our youth mission team that travels to an orphanage in Colima, Mexico, every two years.  My husband is the leader, this is the fifth time he is traveling to the orphanage.  Even though I would love to, I cannot accompany the mission team due to the HOT climate (heat is murder for many MS peeps).  

Since I'm the devoted wife of the trip leader, I figured I'd best donate something to the auction.  I always have a stack of X Stitch waiting for frames and so went through those and chose two for the auction:

This one I stitched back in 2000 to hang near the kitchen table in our home.  Obviously, that never happened.  I thought perhaps a young family may find it appealing.  It is very different than the types of cross stitch I usually tackle, but I like the scene and the colors.  

This holiday X stitch is a Diane Arthurs design, I love her work.  I tea stained the aida:

While I was at it, I pulled two personal favorites out of the pile to frame for our home.  

First, The North Wind, which I completed last Fall in a stitch a long with three other blogging pals.  I love this piece of work and have no idea if it will hang here or be a gift.... I would find it very difficult to let it go.  
And, another Diane Arthurs design for the holidays.  I am especially pleased with the frame choice for this piece.  
There are many more in the pile, they'll get framed eventually.  Or not.  

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  1. You've got North Wind framed! Dang, I need to do mine too! Love your finishes - hope the auction goes well!


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