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Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've not been blogging a whole lot, not because I've had nothing to show, but because I've been working on getting my groove back in the sewing room.  The holidays and some other distractions got my rhythm off and so I've been working at getting back to it, and I think I've finally succeeded.  

I'm making the small and the large version of Hot Cross from the Schnibbles Times Two book.  The smaller one I finished today, and it is for a wonderful little girl named Kaylee, the daughter of a cousin in Western PA.  The small quilts in Schnibbles Times Two are just too small to make them worthwhile, so I always double them, using two charm packs instead of one.  

Here it is on what's left of my design wall.  Poppy kitten has now climbed the wall enough times that the carefully stapled sticky fabric is popping off.  
I used charm packs of the Moda Summer Breeze collection, absolutely fabulous I say.  I love blues and yellows together, and I know Kaylee's Mom Linda (I'll next be making the larger version for her) is very fond of blues.  
My X intersections are very poorly done, as I used the ruler wrong when trimming down the blocks.  Luckily the fabric is busy enough to hide those sins, and now I have learned and will have perfect intersections on the larger quilt (I hope).  

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