"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, February 6, 2012


Little Miss Poppy has settled into our pack just fine.  I think the pack has settled in with her here, but she is a bit of a bossy brat so once in a while I see a look in their eyes that says "when is she leaving?"  They are so used to foster dogs coming and going, they might be thinking that's what Poppy will do eventually.  Sorry, it would appear that she's here to stay.  

She is loads of fun and is very active.  Long and lean and lovely.  But, she can't jump!  I've never had a cat who couldn't scale tall buildings in a single bound.  I think Reesie likes it this way, as she can get herself away from Poppy when the little one becomes annoying.... which is all the time as far as Reesie is concerned.  

She's another of Dave's girlfriends, Reesie Kitten being his first (after me that is).  Poppy is even in love with his stinky hiking boots, and draped herself across his boot as he sat at the table reading the paper.   I like the contrasts of the textures in this photo.  
What is it with cats and men anyway?  My sister's cat Penny has been madly in love with her husband ever since they rescued the little darling off the street.  


  1. Poppy is most definitely at home. Maybe you'll have to tell the pack, "Sorry guys you'll need to train her a bit better."

  2. Men just have that animal magnetism! Here, the Puss Puss loves Roger to death...will follow him and just cry for him to pay attention to her. Bubbie and Mama Cat loves us both, and when I had Cougar, he was my kitty.


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