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Sunday, January 22, 2012


I'm sewing Hot Cross, a pattern in Schnibbles Times Two
I am making both the large and small versions, as these Pennsylvania cousins keep me busy.  I've started on the smaller one first, sewing it for a dear little 5 year old girl who was recently adopted by one of the cousins.  I will make the larger version for her Mom, Linda.  As you've probably read earlier in my blog, these cousins by marriage are all very dear to me.  

I am making both quilts out of Moda's Summer Breeze collection.  And, like other quilts I've made from the Schnibbles series, these blocks go together perfectly if you do exactly as they say.  I love these patterns, it is really a joy to make a fairly complex looking block with no fanfare or swearing during the construction.  The only part of the Schnibbles directions I don't like is the instruction "using a scant 1/4" seam."  In my world it's either 1/4 or it's not, I don't do scant---like how scant anyway, this scant or that scant?  I just make sure the fabric is not touching the guide on my 1/4" foot and I call that scant.  So far it has worked. 

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