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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Back in December we welcomed Poppy Kitten into our home.  She is Anna's foster kitten from California, and we rescued her and flew her home after learning there was a 75% euthanasia rate for the cats and kittens at the shelter she would be returned to had we not adopted her.  

The original plan was for Poppy to go live in Boston with Anna, but that plan is off the table now that Anna's landlord has employed an extermination company to deal with a mouse problem and they have used D Con.  Anna and her roommates had been using traps.  In case you don't know it, D Con kills not only the critter that ingests it, but any critter higher on the food chain that may ingest the critter that ingested the D Con.  So, if you put D Con in what you believe is a safe area of your home, to kill the mice but not your pets, you are still taking a big chance.  If your cat or dog gets and eats the mouse while it is still alive or after it has died, then they will be poisoned.  If the mouse goes outdoors to die, and a fox eats it, then that fox will die.  Use traps, they are safer for many reasons, and you won't have the smell of mice dying in your walls. 

Anyway, Poppy has done really well acclimating to our household, and our 2 dogs and one cat have done well adjusting to her presence.  Cassy Dawg and Reesie Kitten are doing well playing with her and trying to teach her some manners, and Misty Poodle has taught Poppy that as long as she stays the heck away from Misty's face she'll be fine.  

She has especially taken to the sewing room, and now there are two cats helping me .  And, as Reesie did, Poppy has discovered that climbing my design wall is simply great fun.  

Today's entertainment in the sewing room was my Oliso Iron, which was sitting and spitting a bit after I had filled it with water.  
They both sat and stared at it for the longest time, waiting for something big to happen.  

Although Poppy has grown a lot, she is still a very tiny cat and will likely remain very small.  Reesie is a refrigerator.  

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