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Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, December 16, 2011


Here she is, Miss Poppy!  She arrived on Continental Airlines yesterday morning, safe and sound.  If you ever have to fly a pet somewhere, Continental's PetSafe program is the only way to fly.  However, I'm not sure what will happen to that program once they merge with United.  

Anyhow, she arrived full of herself and has had two absolutely, positively hyper active days.  She is very precocious and brave and funny.  And, she has NO animal manners at all.  She left her litter at 4 weeks old and so did not benefit from the many lessons an animal learns from her siblings and mom.  She is a 3 pound bundle of love and terror.  She climbed up the vet's pantleg and got right in his face, and he declared "Oh, you are in for it with this one."  

She believes it is perfectly OK to launch herself off the couch and onto Misty's back, or sit on Cassy's head while she's sleeping in order to clean Cassy's ears, and when that gets boring, she can bite those ears!  Reesie kitten is very interested but cautious, she's a smart cat.  The dogs are taking a beating from this little darling but every once in a while she gets rolled, so she will learn.  Our pack is very good at teaching a new arrival the rules of the game. 

She's finally taken it down a notch tonight and has been asleep all evening.  All the travel and stress, new home, people and friends has worn her out... finally!  

Anna arrives home next week, and what a lucky lady she is, to be able to come home to this One that we were able to save.  That was all we wanted, when we learned the fate of 60-75% of the animals at the Orange County, California, shelter.  We just wanted to save One.... and Anna did, and now we all have. 


  1. Welcome to Ms Poppy! Angela - great to see you! Wondered how life had been with you. Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh my, Angela, I agree with your vet! She's adorable! Happy holidays to you all. If you have a Christmas tree, good luck! I can see this one climbing it! My two have had fun with ours.

  3. Oh,my goodness....she is adorable. It makes me want another and I need one about like I need a hole in the head


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