"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Monday, October 3, 2011


Each child grows up to be their own unique selves, life is pretty miraculous that way.  But, within each child, a parent can see an occasional glimpse of themselves and the lessons they have imparted during that child's life.  

Our Anna, in California on an internship, seems to have absorbed a piece of our household and taken it straight to heart.  That part I speak of is the fostering of animals.  

Anna volunteered to work for the Orange County Humane Society, and their greatest need was for foster homes for kittens, and so please meet Milly.  

She is such a little peanut, somewhere around 2 pounds, 5 weeks old.  I'm not sure why she is away from her litter, but she is.  Anna is doing a very good job socializing her and teaching her some house manners and such.  What a lucky kitten this is.  


  1. oh, every time I see a kitty...I want one to replace Cougar II but I do not need any more...not with things the way they are.

    This one is soooo sweet!

  2. your daughter is a good soul and that look of joy on her face, priceless.


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