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Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, September 10, 2011


For birthday and Father's Day last spring, I got Dave a Green Egg.  If you don't know what a Green Egg is, it's time to Google.  

It is an amazing smoker, grille, slow cooker, using lump charcoal as fuel, often with special wood chips on top to add flavor to the food being cooked.  Due to it's design, it behaves much like a convection oven, using movement of hot air to cook.  

After some fear of cooking failure, Dave took to it like a duck to water, and quickly got our old gas grille out of the area.  He has been turning out some amazing meals on his Green Egg, and is always looking at new ideas, recipes, methods.  My favorite is when he slaps a split chicken or small whole chicken on it.  The breast meat is juicy succulent in a way I've never seen achieved with any other cooking method.  

Last night I made a pizza for dinner, and Dave took his first stab at cooking pizza on the Green Egg.  As you can see, the results were beautiful.... and delicious.  

I make what we call "inside out" pizza, a recipe given to me by one of my Mom's friends.  The mozzarella is under the sauce, then the veggies and parmesan are on the top.  Never have to worry about burning the mozzarella.  
And, here's the Green Egg with it's custom table.  I bought it for Dave but have found out that it's best gift I've ever given myself.  Dave loves to cook on it, and that works really well for me. 


  1. We have a pizza parlor that puts the colby cheese on the crust and then the sauce and toppings. One of my favorites - I like to buy it unbaked and cook it at home.

    Now DH is interested in a green egg. (probably with ham)

  2. Please, please tell me where you got your pizza pan. We live in a small country town with no pizza parlor for 50 miles and I have to cook mine on a cookie sheet.

    And the green egg, my husband just might try that too.

  3. I use a pizza stone from the Pampered Chef. I have 3 of them and also use them for cookies. They are fairly expensive, but I've had my first two for nearly 10 years and they will last another 20 by the looks of things. My third, and larger, stone I lucked into at a thrift shop--brand new, never used, for $5. The only way I know to buy Pampered Chef items if from someone holding a home party, but perhaps they have a buy direct option also.

    Happy hunting and thank you for visiting my blog!

  4. angie, am loving reading your blog postings.
    i'll be on the cape 10/9 thru 10/23...hopefully we can get together? would love to see you!
    hugs from seattle


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