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Saturday, September 10, 2011


David and Anna recently drove cross-country, from the East Coast to the West.  Anna has a senior year college internship in California, and you cannot live in Orange County without a car, so off they went.  I stayed home for the obvious reason of we didn't want any homicide charges to be brought against anyone.  Also, there was no room in the car for me.  

Along the way, they stopped at Niagara Falls, had lunch with my brother Mark and his wife Karen in Glenwood Springs, Colorado (no pictures taken!) and the biggest side trip of all was to the Skywalk on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.  

For those of you who are not familiar with the Skywalk, here it is

The Skwalk is owned by and is on land of an American Indian Tribe.  To get to it, you must drive over 10 miles of dirt roads.  David said that the abject poverty they saw along the reservation roads was enough to break your heart.  Hopefully the addition of this Skywalk will bring needed income to this Tribe.  

You are not allowed to take pictures on the Skywalk, that is allowed only by Skywalk photographers, who will snap your photo for a price.  So, we have no pictures of being out on the Skywalk, but have a lot of descriptions, ranging from "it is really a long way down when you look through the glass floor," to "the beauty of the surroundings silences and takes your breath away."  Also, "that sucker moves when the wind blows."

Dave and Anna did visit another scenic overlook at the Canyon, and snapped their photos there
Anna reported that it was 100 degrees while at the canyon, and does not go along with the idea "but it's a dry heat."  In her book 100 dusty degrees is just as unpleasant as 100 humid degrees. 
Just another good reason for leaving me home.  
That's better.  

Dave flew home after spending a couple of days helping Anna get settled into her apartment and get familiar with the area.  I told him what a great gift this was for Anna, this cross-country drive with her Dad.  She will remember this for her entire life, and often it is these memories that sustain us. 

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  1. Guess I wasn't thinking about your girl heading out west already! What a trip! And you hit it - she'll remember her trip forever!


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