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Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, September 3, 2011


As I mentioned in a recent post, one of my favorite parts of blogging is the wonderful people I "meet" and talk to and learn from.  They give me support, and I give them support.  I think of them often, and perhaps they do the same for me.  

Have you met Barbara of  Pinelands Treasures?  She makes very special dolls she has named "Spirit Dolls."  Each one is very unique with amazing details and colors.   I love them.  

She has an Etsy site, and I visited that and she had for sale an adorable court jester's hat that is a thread catcher or a little container for all kinds of little things--packets of sewing needles, etc.  I had to have it, because I love her work so much.  I just wanted a piece of Barbara in my home!  So, I bought it.  

This afternoon my door bell rings and there is a woman who looks vaguely familiar, and she is holding a packet with my name and address, and a return address from New Jersey.  She asked "are you Angela Mourer?" "Yes."  Then I looked again at the packet and the connection was made.  It is Barbara, my spirit doll hero, right here on my porch delivering my purchase!!!  Oh, what fun, and a big hug.  

She had packaged my jester hat to ship before heading to Massachusetts to visit her daughter, but the post office was closed and it did not get mailed.  It just so happened that her husband has relatives in my city, and they came here to visit, and while they were at it they took the time to drop off my package.  

It made my day!!!  Hugs all around, and Barbara reports I'm the first blogging friend she's met in person.  And, Barbara is the first blogging friend I've met in person.  She couldn't linger for a visit, they were on the run, but what a delight it was.  

And, here's my wonderful jester's hat and also a gift that Barbara included:  

Isn't the jester's hat simply delightful and fun?  I can think of a million different little thingamagigs that will go in it over the years.  As for the kittens with sparkle beads on them, that will get a very special spot in my sewing room, and when I see it I will think of Barbara and her kindness.  

I look forward to meeting other blogging friends in person as the years go by.  


  1. She's the reason that I blog today:)

  2. Oh my, Angela, how sweet of you to post this! I enjoyed surprising you very much, and meeting you in person was just so much fun! Who in the world would believe how it happened?! I'm still shaking my head. I have to believe I was just meant to meet you, otherwise how can it be explained that the package didn't get mailed as well-planned, and that I ended up in your neighborhood that's four whole states from where I live?! And if that isn't enough, now I see that Jennifer is here following your blog as well. Two of my favorite ladies in the same place! I've just added your blog to those I follow, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch!


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