"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."
Mahatma Gandhi

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Travel has changed over the years, it ain't what it used to be.  First of all, flying has turned into a competitive contact sport, how the heck did that happen?  What happened to the days when we put on our nice clothes and best manners prior to getting on an airplane?  

And, now when I travel, I bring MS along with me, and that makes it much more interesting.  Without proper rest and body temperature, I am a waste land.  

This spring, my very wise nurse practitioner and I had a conversation about this.  Her sage advice was "it doesn't matter if you see the Grand Canyon, you can skip that one, but don't ever skip a family gathering, they are what sustain and uplift."  She was absolutely right.  

So, I didn't hesitate for one moment to attend our oldest niece's wedding in North Carolina on July 1.  Everyone around me was whispering "this has disaster written all over it," but I knew that somehow it would all work out.  And, it did.  Traveling with Dave and with my sister and her husband, I had a great team along to get me through the visit and wedding and all of the festivities.  

Here we are, my sister Christine and my oldest brother Jeff.  There is one more of us, my second oldest brother, Mark, who was unable to make it out to NC from Colorado.  We missed him.  
 Here is our lovely niece Lisa with Jeff.  What a beautiful, poised, confident bride she was.  She and her husband, Jimmy, were so very sure together, I was envious of their special day.  
 And, here's me and Christine, who is 2 years older than me.  She kept an eye on me and made sure I didn't misbehave.  She and her husband took care of picking up some things for me and making sure I didn't overdue.  Although I hate it when someone pushes my wheelchair, I allowed Chris and Mike to push me here and there.  I needed to conserve my energy for more important tasks.  She did totally lose control of me on the final night, when some of us from Boston sang "Charlie on the MTA" at a cookout, including some choreography.  Christine was not "on stage" with us, she was at the back of the patio trying to climb under the nearest rock, I think. 

It was so nice to go off on a trip with family, where we gathered and laughed, ate and sang.  We all had so very much fun together, much more fun than I would ever have viewing the Grand Canyon.  

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  1. No, I climbed under the rock when you started doing the "Fiddler on the Roof" dance! It so enjoyed that time in NC. Can't wait to do it again for the next wedding.


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