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Sunday, August 7, 2011


This evening Nancy called and excitedly declared "you have got to come over and see it."  The "it" is of course Diagonal Madness (Kaffe Fassett, Country Garden Quilts) which Dave and I delivered last Sunday, as pictured in an earlier post.  

We didn't think they'd get it on the wall so quickly, but John got out his ladder, paper, pencil, measuring tape and guts and he put up a pole and the quilt is on the wall.  Of course, we had to go and see it.    

This first view really shows the quilting, which was subtle when we held and looked at the quilt, but absolutely pops now that it is hung up.  

Here's the full view.  It's as if this quilt was designed for this room.  The colors and style fit in perfectly, and it's really the only room I can think of that can handle the drama of this quilt. 
 I'll admit to sitting for probably too long, simply staring in amazement at this quilt, WHICH I MADE!!!  Although I can remember every cut and stitch, I still cannot believe I made it, just 2 years after I started making quilts. The aspect of the quilt I worried about the most was how it would drape, would it be square?  YES!  It is square!  That took a lot of very accurate 1/4 inch seams. 

This quilt started when I went to a Kaffe Fassett weekend at  Tennessee Quilts in Jonesboro, Tennessee.  The theme was "color," using Diagonal Madness as a teaching tool.  I made myself a small version, using fabrics of my own choice (pictured earlier in my blog).  After John and Nancy's wall screamed at me "Quilt Please," they chose this quilt.  Obviously they have good eyes for decorating.  

Tennessee Quilts is again this year hosting a Kaffe Fassett weekend, in October.  Now that I have seen how a weekend workshop can light a fire under my butt, I really want to go back and attend this years workshop, entitled "Patchwork."  There's no description of the weekend available yet, but I would guess it will be concentrated on his book "Passionate Patchwork."  

Finally, here's a picture of the label on the quilt.   Mallory will inherit this quilt in the far off future, and I love that some day she will wrap herself in a quilt that I made.  


  1. It looks amazing! You're right -- the perfect spot for an impressive quilt!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Just absoltely beautiful and perfect. Good job sis.

  4. Pleasure to meet you. I'm from Chris's blog. Such talent you have. I am so totally inspired!!! *karendianne.

  5. Just beautiful! Well done! And I love th quilting too!

  6. That is a stunning quilt! Congratulations on your accomplishment!

  7. Wonderful job, she's a lucky sister!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Especially with that accent light on it!

  9. The whole project, choice of fabric, piecing, and quilting is simply fantastic! And a sister that appreciates it and understands what went into it is just great!

  10. That is one totally gorgeous quilt! I just jumped over from your sister's blog. Well done! I wish I had made it!


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