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Mahatma Gandhi

Saturday, July 30, 2011


If you live here on the coast, as we do, the sport and trade of fishing intersects your life often.  And, lucky us, we have a neighbor with an old Boston Whaler, and he loves to fish AND he has lobster pots out in the harbor also.  

Right now the striped bass are running, chasing the littler fishies down the coast.  So, the sport and commercial fishermen are out in pursuit, and it's not a simple sport, as a "keeper" is 28 inches long.  That's a very big fish.  

Our neighbor rang our bell tonight and presented us with:
 a keeper. 

I had Dave hold it for the picture, doesn't it look like he just caught it?  They are not easy to catch, and Dave and Paul did try a number of times over the years, so it's nice to now catch one from a neighbor.  

Dave butchered the beauty into 
steaks and filets, and they are all in the freezer just waiting to be grilled or, perhaps, smoked.   

Tomorrow I'll make a blueberry something to bring to our neighbor as a thank you.  He fishes, I bake, and we all eat.  It's a very nice arrangement. 


  1. Just hand me my fish on a plate! lol

    Rose told me you might be interested in joining us in our SAL! Wanted to let you know I'd be thrilled if you did.


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