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Friday, April 15, 2011


In an earlier post I showed off my new Olisso iron, which you can keep plate down at all times.  Well, it recently started misbehaving and I had to send it back to the manufacturer.  So, I was once again faced with the issue of a cat getting herself fried by an iron up on it's heel.  

Then I found a silicone mat that you can put a super hot iron on, plate down, without anything getting fried, including a cat.  I've tested it a lot in the last week, and the mat does not melt and it does not mar the ironing plate.  You do have to turn off the steam, but that works OK for me, as I don't steam when ironing block seams anyway.  So, I'm back to using my Rowenta Professional and all is well although the 5 minute auto off still annoys me.  The shut off on the Olisso is 30 minutes. 

Olisso will be sending me a new iron, which I'm sure I'll put right into service, as I do like it.  But, it'll be good to have the silicone mat for when I crank up the Rowenta to iron linens.... which is like once every 10 years.  I guess it'll last that long. 


  1. That is a good idea...I don't generally have too worry about a cat getting burned. My trouble is if I leave the iron on the ironing board, they are apt to jump on it and then when they jump down, the ironing board tilts a little and the iron falls off! I try to think and set my iron off to the side of the ironing board when I am not using it.

  2. what a great idea. I have one in my potholder drawer that I never use because because I tend to grab my vintage wire trivets. Mine might not be big enough but I'll keep an eye out for one bigger while thrifting.

    ps: I just got a new (older) iron (I seem to be collecting them like I collect sewing machines, although this is only #4) A B&D Classic like new, $2. woo hoo. Now I can have irons in all different places. LOL


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