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Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, March 25, 2011


In between BIG projects right now so I pulled out Schnibbles times Two and had the charm packs on hand to make the small Bennington.   I've gotten a few blocks sewn and onto the wall and they are very pretty, I think:  

These are Moda Summer's End charm packs and are very well suited for this quilt, with distinct lights, mediums and darks.  

I've learned a lot as working through this pattern, techniques I've not yet tackled like a snowball corner and the snip of the seam allowance in the back so as to iron the middle lump into a pinwheel so it all lies flat.  

Have also learned that I could screw up a free lunch, as have done some sewing of attaching the snowball corner to the dark instead of the light, not having matched darks with the snowball corner on the lights.  

Like I said, I learned a lot.  

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